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I started out as a Fashion Designer and illustrator.


As a former Welsh Designer of the Year Award I was given a runway show at The Savoy Hotel in London. My collection was spotted by the legendary actress Dame Sian Phillips. She insisted on using it in a Welsh detective series starring Phillip Madoc entitled 'Yr Heliwr' (The Hunter). 


That was very exciting for me, and my first brush with Costume design

The following year, at the same venue, my collection was spotted by two television producers. They invited me to design an opera series they were working on - to be filmed in Verbier, Switzerland! Having never worked in television before, this was an amazing experience. After this,the same producers invited me to design another four, very different programmes, ranging from opera to quiz shows.

I continued within the media industry, working on various productions, before I was asked to join the "Casualty" team. I now work on the show on a regular basis.


During the summer months I design a completely different programme, Jamie Johnson. It's a high ranking CBBC programme, about aspiring young football players. It's currently in its' sixth season. Although I neither love football, or kids, I have been pleasantly surprised at how much I've enjoyed the experience of working on this programme. The kids are fantastic and the production company, Short Form Films, are amazing.


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